Thursday, February 23, 2017

The question of an alliance with Mitsubishi, It Said Global Boss Datsun

Nissan recently has entered into an alliance with Mitsubishi. What influence to Datsun as a car brand under the umbrella of Nissan Motor Company?
"I think it is very premature to talk about it (collaboration Datsun and Mitsubishi in developing new products). But for the early stages, form (the Alliance) is behind the scenes. Maybe in logistics, in human resources. If for products, it is very early to talk about it now, "said Global Head of Datsun Jose Roman told reporters in the area of Sudirman, Jakarta. Roman before tackling the Datsun Nissan graduated already. From his experience at Nissan, Roman viewed many forms alliance with Renault. Therefore, do not cover the possibility of a similar Alliance will also be interlaced with Mitsubishi. "That obviously, we did a lot of working behind the scenes. For example, in human resources, in logistics, in the purchase and others. Of course with so we are more efficient, "said Roman. "But in the market, we (Nissan and Renault) competed. We are competitors. So here's the challenge because our alliances, but ultimately we competed in the field, "he said

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