Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Official Name Of Android O Announced When The Solar Eclipse

Android O official name puzzle will soon be answered. Google reportedly will announce it when a solar eclipse.
It is revealed by David Ruddock of Android Police account in Twitternya. Based on the information that gets, the official name of Android O proclaimed August 21. As it known at the date of the solar eclipse will occur in a number of countries, including United States. Ruddock said, Google would like to take that special moment to announce the official name of Android O. a spectakuler event has been prepared company headquartered in Mountain View, Califormia, United States it. It's just that he obtained information that reminds Ruddock has not been verified. So true or not remains unclear. Despite his own admitted Ruddock so already know what the official name of Android O. But he didn't want to give away spoilers.

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